What a night

Sometimes you just need to treat yourself.

On the sexiest night of the week, Monday I had a great tinder encounter that made me feel great.

I spoke to this bloke on Tinder for a couple of days with minimal contact. His profile stated he was in Adelaide for a couple of days, so I knew this man wasn’t going to be a boy friend.

Meeting up took a little bit of effort and I agreed to go pick him up half an hour away. It meant that we got to speak for half an hour. I pretty much had verbal diarrhoea the whole way home, which we laughed about later. That’s how I deal with nervousness he said he gets quiet so it worked well.

He came to my house. I asked if he wanted a drink and he said a water. Usually I’d chat on the couch with them etc but fuck it, I had work the next morning and decided I’d give him some water and take him straight to my room.

I hadn’t had sex for a few months which was awful, see below if you want to read about that.

I won’t get too graphic but the sex was great, so good.

He was so sweet, a good shot of self esteem for me but it wasn’t over the top and the we talked for at least an hour afterward. We texted the next day kind of dissecting it in a good way, remembering the great parts of our night.

It puts me off having a one night stand again anytime soon because the bar is lifted damn high!

Copyright 2018 S M.

Awkward encounters of the third kind

So I’ve been on 4 dates with fella number one and I like him. He’s sweet, kind and we have a lot in common.

4 dates in though no kiss. I invited him over for a sleep over meaning wink wink, nudge nudge. Nothing happened.

And I know what you’re thinking, “bitch, why can’t you make the first move?” I’ll tell you why, I’m scared that he’s not interested in me. I think I’m at the point now where I might need to be blunt and ask him. Today would be the first time in a month we haven’t texted. It makes me sad. It’s nice to hear from him.

Tonight I went on a first date with another fella despite liking bachelor number one. Bloke number two and I have been speaking for a while and I felt like I needed to honour the request for the date. It did not go well.

He was late which is okay but not super impressive. Within a second I knew it wasn’t really a good fit. He went and got a drink and so much silence filled the air. I could’ve made more of an effort but honestly didn’t see the point. Then when he asked me if I wanted a 2nd drink, I said no. He went and got another. I didn’t want to be rude but boo urns. That date sucked!

PS after feeling silly I just texted bloke number one and added a kiss on the end. Wish me luck!