Too fast, too shit

So I went on a date on a public holiday. The guy was from Melbourne but after a truely horrible experience with my ex this weekend I was happy to go out with anyone even if there was no long term prospects.

The guy was cute but a bit nerdier than his tinder photos indicated. The first hour was easy to talk. The guy was driving so only had one drink which I think didn’t help for a long night

I decided to have another drink. When I came back he wouldn’t stop talking about The Fast and The Furious franchise. It was weird. I said that I hadn’t seen any which also didn’t help. I don’t care about The Rock I’m affraid.

The bar staff come over and told us that they needed the table in an hour, I said we’d go and he offered us a shot and we were like “don’t worry about it.” I used this time to escape the ongoing Vin Diesel talk and get the hell out of there. The bar dude came back with two shots. My date said no cause he was driving, a tipsy table next to us started egging me on so I had two shots and walked home alone, a bit tipsy and my heart in a lot of pain because of another man.

Dateless in Seattle

So last night I was meant to go on a coffee date, dude cancelled because of work.

I was meant to go on a date tonight with a different dude. We arranged it last week, I messaged him last night to see if we’re still on. He hasn’t replied. I can see he’s been online today but obviously doesn’t feel the need to respond.

Now this doesn’t normally happen to me, guys normally keep first dates. I am feeling pretty low already and this is a kick in the teeth but the reality is I don’t even know these guys, they owe me nothing. This is the downfall of online dating, there is no obligation to treat strangers with respect.

Hopefully I have something new to add here soon (mainly that I’m engaged to Jake Gyllenhaal)!